Children have a special access to Yoga.
The class is suitable for their needs to move, their will to do something on their own, to make experiences, and it is suitable for their curiosity and will to be alive.

The playful imitation of animals and other yoga postures improves their body feeling and mobile coordination. They playfully learn to calm down their movement and come to peace. Entering their fantasy world enables them to relax quickly and to regenerate. Breathing exercises and fantasizing enables the children to improve relaxation and concentration skills.

They learn the skill of perceiving and believing in their own capacities. By strengthening their self-confidence they become playfully supported in their development of personality.
In the children course they experience similarities and a successful interaction, which all really makes fun.

The course is for children between 5 and 8 years.

„Only the most beautiful oases of childhood lead to safe ways into the future.“