Eenergizing / Strengthening / Meditative
This course is for mothers, who want to make yoga together with their babies from 6 weeks after birth in a quiet and private way.

The course includes baby massage via Leboyer method, back formation exercises for mothers and mother-child-yoga. The emphasis here is on the child, its whole development and bonding.
In the first weeks after giving birth, mothers usually feel weird and strange in their bodies. Soft yoga exercises can release neck tension and upper back pain, which they got after nursing and breast-feeding. Slow and correct yoga exercises can help you regain the freedom of movement.

This yoga enables you to softly and effectively strengthen your body after giving birth, without neglecting the baby, and you will surely find a safe handling with the new-born. It is a wonderful possibility to strengthen your mother-child bond by exercising together and having fun.

Mother and child Yoga can lead to overcoming post natal depression. Exercising together with your baby intensifies the mutual contact, releases tension and rebuilds new energy resources.
Fears, stress and exhaustion can be overcome easier and at the same time the emphasis is on the baby’s development of body and spirit. Away from the everyday stress, you and your baby can fully concentrate on each other.

Before you start the mother and baby yoga, please wait until the lochia after childbirth has finished. Also after a Caesarean section, please wait at least 6 weeks until you start with your exercises and ask your doctor for approval. Begin only after the scar is painless.

Mother and baby yoga will give you many happy moments.

Price on request.