For a long time scientists thought of the human connective tissue – the fascia – as a kind of filling compound, without higher function. But, more and more it has shown that this tissue is responsible for many processes in the whole organism and is important for our capability of movement and muscles. Those who train their fascia well, strengthen their health in a long term and can relieve chronic back pains.

Yin Yoga has a stimulating effect on the connective tissue (fascia) and is therefore an ideal balance to all dynamic sports and a wonderful addition to the powerful Hatha Yoga.

This form of fascia yoga works through the process of completely letting go and so it effects the deep tissue layers, the “yin tissues” such as tendons, ligaments, joints, bones and the fascia, through the whole body. In that way mobilization and regeneration impulses are set, and so stimulating the energetic level of the body, the meridian system, even more than the Hatha Yoga, whereby the chi comes to flow.

The “yin tissue” is less elastic as the “yang tissue” (muscles, skin), and therefore needs more time for stretching.

The postures are taken slowly, cautiously and passively and held for 3-5 minutes.

Holding a posture allows the body to completely relax and regenerate, and even if we exercise slowly, the effect is very strong- a true art of letting go.

Entering the Yin Yoga is possible at any time and without previous knowledge.