Yoga for Children and Young People

Considered worldwide, the research of children yoga in Germany is highly developed, says Dr. Marcus Stück, certified psychologist.

The research contributes to the fact that parents, pedagogues and health insurance companies are delighted by children yoga projects, because it is proved that yoga can help in the domain of anxiety in school children and the release of fear. This is only an example.

The yoga practice follows both the yoga tradition and the latest pedagogic concepts. Nowadays children and young people have to learn to quickly work out many influences and the consequences are often insomnia, stomach ache, anxiety and concentration problems. The phases of movement and rest also suffer.

Yoga teaches them to be strong and skillful, improves their body posture, balance and coordination. By experiencing the stillness, children and young people learn to confront the stress of everyday life, they arise their relaxation and concentration skills, which results in a better handling of stress.

The course is suitable for children and young people between 9 and 16 years.