Hatha Yoga / Yin Yoga / SUP Yoga Indoor

Hatha yoga is a form of yoga, where the balance between body and spirit is reached through bodily exercises (Asanas), breath exercises (Pranayama) and through meditation.
The different asanas influence a warming mobile flow, which is at some moments slow and contemplative, and some moments dynamic and strong, constantly followed by breathing in and breathing out. In this way energetic processes are attracted and made conscious.
The deep posture muscles, back, stomach, hip and neck muscles are getting stronger. The whole posture is getting improved and stimulates healing powers.
In summary, the whole body gets strengthened and stretched, tensions get released and the life energy (Prana) starts flowing.
Through the breathing exercises (Pranayama), the body and spirit are unified.
As the breath is the life energy carrier (Prana), a continuous concentration can influence the process of awareness.
Similar effects can also be reached by different meditation and relaxation techniques.
With meditation we consciously come to the HERE and NOW. The retreat of the senses for inner experience is a real relaxation and regeneration.
Yoga is a life-philosophy which I constantly use in my classes.

The course is suitable for everyone and there is no need for previous knowledge.

Event Hours

18:15 - 19:3019:45 - 21:00
18:30 - 19:4520:00 - 21:15
09:00 - 10:1518:30 - 19:4520:00 - 21:15
18:30 - 19:4520:00 - 21:15
09:00 - 10:15

Event Details

Nena Sulser
strengthening, energizing, meditative
300 CHF 10 weeks valid
individual class 35 CHF